About Us

Innovation is in the DNA of Amalla, we have been in the forefront of the digital revolution, since the late 80's. Our roots come from business consulting and for major corporations and developing innovative solutions for their accounting and operation needs.

We developed loss-prevention systems for several large brands including Walmart, Texaco, and others. Our innovative health club management system was adopted by United Studios of Self Defense, and Fred Villari's Studios of Self Defense. Our procurement solution was adopted by U.S. Navy. Our e-commerce and marketing projects have consistently seen very impressive growth for our clients, often outpacing the company and industry growth rates. 

We are passionate about solving very complex business challenges with elegant and responsible technical solutions. Our balance and understanding of business goals, requirements, and restrictions matched with the appropriate tools have allowed us to provide solutions for many industries including manufacturing, healthcare, supplements, retail, education, state & federal government, and many others. We draw from these varied industries and solutions making it easy for us to see solutions where many are at a loss.

Let us amaze you with our digital, technical, business, and marketing solutions.

Let Us Amaze You!

We would love the opportunity to discuss your current needs and show you how we can help you reach your digital goals.

Amalla International 
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